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Phox Pop magazine Issue 5

Inside, you’ll discover: a scientist who applied her experience with animals to plants, and found some shockingly similar characteristics. An ex-officer investigating what happens to literature and language when it becomes digitised. The gender stereotype-redefining research…

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Phox Pop magazine Issue 4

Inside, readers will: meet an artist whose work knows no limits (not time, not space, not scale), and the pensioner who didn’t let bureaucracy (or the 500-year-old foundations of a building) stand in her way. Hear from two different women finding fascinating connections…

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Phox Pop magazine Issue 3

Inside, readers will: meet an amateur collector who inspired a state-of-the-art museum, and a man on a mission to right a single grammatical wrong. Learn about leading women behind the lens through history, and a banned spirit brought back to life and legality…

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Phox Pop magazine Issue 2

Inside we examine: made-up musical instruments, and personifications of nature in Nordic folktales. The on-again, off-again relationship between Britain’s first astronaut and her interstellar attire, and the scientist who’s spent 50 years studying “the most remarkable…

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Phox Pop magazine Issue 1

Inside, readers will: take a journey through the history of a “heathenish liquor” that brought inspiration to 17th Century London, and the forgotten feminine origins of beer. Celebrate the enduring legacy of an instant icon, and hear a typographic…

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